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Say you drive a lot for your work. Your company has commercial auto insurance for work vehicles, so do you even need personal car insurance? In short, yes. You still need personal car insurance. Commercial car insurance provides a limited amount of insurance that only covers vehicles owned by the company. READ MORE >>

Restaurants face a lot of risks when it comes to liability. Serving food and alcohol presents danger in many ways, from food poisoning to drunk drivers causing an accident. That’s why it’s so important for restaurants to have the right insurance. But do bartenders also need insurance? READ MORE >>

Your business insurance policy may cover stolen cash up to a certain limit, but on a basic policy, these limits are generally not going to be very high. This is for a number of reasons, but two above all: Moral hazard. That is, it's far too easy for someone to steal cash from their own register and file a false claim. READ MORE >>

Yes, business insurance cover a lawsuit. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons this coverage is so essential. Even businesses that are all-digital require business insurance — simply because of the liability concerns that arise when you're running a company. However, your insurance might not cover all lawsuits. READ MORE >>

When insuring your business, you need to be able to respond in case you make mistakes that harm other people, like your clients, visitors or other third parties. To achieve that level of protection, you will at least need general liability insurance, in addition to various other liability policies. READ MORE >>

You probably carry workers’ compensation because it’s important to protect your employees. You likely also have a number of safety procedures in place to help prevent employee accidents from occurring in the business. However, not all businesses have all employees onsite at all times. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you might need commercial auto insurance. It’s there to protect you when you or your employees drive a vehicle on regular working duties. Coverage can apply to both the vehicles owned by the drivers themselves, or owned by the business as a fleet vehicle. READ MORE >>

If you have ever been to a restaurant, you have possibly heard your server say be careful, the plate is hot. They are doing it, first, to protect you. If you eat something too hot, you could burn yourself in severe ways. They’re also likely doing it, in a way, to protect themselves and their employer. READ MORE >>

Business owners need insurance, but different operations can take different routes to wind up with the appropriate coverage. For small business owners, part of their insurance solutions might be achievable by investing in a business owners policy. READ MORE >>

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