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The house needs a new coat of paint. Your siding needs replacement. It may seem like these are only cosmetic changes. However, your paint, siding and brickwork are actually valuable parts of your home. These pieces can wear out over time. They might even become damaged as they age. READ MORE >>

With winter approaching, homeowners need to consider options to protect their homes. You may know that you need to check the roof to ensure there are no leaks. You may have spent some time ensuring the windows are tightly sealed. But, have you thought about the plumbing? READ MORE >>

Nearly two-thirds of the American population own their home. With homeownership comes a lot of responsibility, including the decision to get home insurance. Home insurance is financial protection provided by an insurance company of the homeowner’s choosing. READ MORE >>

Though purchasing home insurance is not required by law, it may be required by your mortgage lender and/or the neighborhood’s HOA. Not to mention, buying a policy helps provide valuable coverage to protect your financial interests if disaster strikes. READ MORE >>

You use your kitchen appliances every day. Most of the time, you do not think twice about them. However, these are powerful machines that have motors and electrical cords. That means they also can pose a fire hazard to you. If you have not taken the time to check out your kitchen appliances, now is the time to do so. READ MORE >>

Open your garage and look around. There may be tools here and there and perhaps the kids' bikes are lying around. But is anything in your garage putting you and your family at risk? If you have not taken the time to safeguard your garage from risks, you could face significant problems should an incident occur. READ MORE >>

Many homeowners don't think about what could happen if they are faced with a significant power interruption until it is upon them. Yet, you may be able to have the power support you need if you install a home generator. These systems are not the most efficient way to run your home, but if you don't have electricity, they can help you in numerous ways. READ MORE >>

When selecting home insurance, look closely at the details of the plan. While you may not realize the impact it can have, whether or not your policy provides a replacement cost level of coverage can impact you significantly in the long run. Some policies do not include rebuilding costs. READ MORE >>

For nearly a decade, America has trudged through an economic downturn. Many families suffered through stagnant or reduced salaries, on top of the rising cost of living. People have had to tighten their budgets to accommodate higher prices on food, utilities and gasoline. READ MORE >>

If you own a large dog, you know that most of them are big softies with hearts of gold. But even though your beloved family pet is nothing but loyal, the transgressions of a small percentage of certain breeds casts a shadow across large dogs everywhere. You may have seen a tiny Chihuahua lash out aggressively towards a stranger. READ MORE >>

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