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Commercial auto insurance is nearly always necessary if you operate a vehicle as a part of your business. The process of operating vehicles can be dangerous. There are many instances in which a person can suffer injury after an accident.  To get improved financial protection, you may wish to add additional coverage. READ MORE >>

Truckers see a lot of the open road. Whether they spend hours on long-haul dispatches or make multiple deliveries in a day, they still have one thing in common. They have to make sure they deliver their cargo to its destination safely.  If something were to happen to your cargo, it could lead to negative consequences. READ MORE >>

Are you struggling with the increasing cost of commercial auto insurance? It can happen for many reasons. The overall cost of this coverage is increasing across the board.  However, many business owners are finding ways to reduce their costs. And, as a result, they are benefiting from a better bottom line. READ MORE >>

Many business owners drive to and from work using their personal vehicles. They may go to meetings across town. They may even go from one client location to the next. In such cases, personal auto insurance may or may not cover the individual and the vehicle.  READ MORE >>

Do you really need commercial auto insurance? Well, chances are, you do. Picking a commercial auto policy can be confusing, but it’s necessary. Before picking the best policy for your business, check out our rundown of a policy’s benefits below.  Why Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance? READ MORE >>

Snow plow drivers have a unique job. They usually do not work regular hours. They do not know if they will work every day or just a few times a year. They also handle dangerous situations. They can easily do damage to their vehicle or another person’s property as well. READ MORE >>

Illinois truckers face many of the same risks as other drivers on the road. However, the nature of trucking often enhances and augments these risks. Truckers require special training to operate these extremely complex vehicles throughout Illinois' interstates and highways. READ MORE >>

If you own or manage a business, it is important to insure all automobiles used for business purposes. Do not assume the driver's personal insurance will provide coverage in an accident. A separate insurance policy should be available for every vehicle used for business. READ MORE >>

Being a long-haul trucker means that you’re on the job whenever you are on the road. Driving these long distances may take hours or even days. Even though you are at work while you drive, you still have to look out for yourself. Self-care helps protect the trucker, the company and the cargo from safety risks. READ MORE >>

The restaurant industry is very competitive. Even the smallest mishaps could financially run a restaurant. That’s why so many restaurants need comprehensive business insurance coverage. You likely know why you need business for your restaurant. There is a risk of damages from fires, spills or other mishaps. READ MORE >>

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