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Workers’ compensation is a type of business insurance protecting companies from injury and illness claims from employees. Many people understand how injuries at work apply to this coverage. However, employees who suffer from an illness due to working conditions may also qualify. READ MORE >>

Whenever someone prepares food, they interact with heat, flames and various fuels. Therefore, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And fire could lead to burn risks. Both food service employees and their patrons face burn risks whenever they enter a restaurant. READ MORE >>

As the owner or manager of a gas station, you understand how important it is to protect the business’ property from theft and other losses. But in addition to property, you should also consider liability risks and how you can minimize the financial impact of such events. READ MORE >>

Has your insurance agent told you of the need to purchase commercial umbrella insurance? If so, you may be wondering why. It might not seem like an additional coverage you need. But in today's environment, chances are higher coverage limits and more expansive coverages will come in handy for your business. READ MORE >>

Whether you own a retail or a service business, there is the threat of theft in many companies. That threat comes from multiple sources — including your management team, your staff, your customers or even random individuals. The key to reducing your risk for theft-related losses is to be vigilant and to take actions to prevent theft from occurring. READ MORE >>

Some auto insurance companies offer a good student discount. If you have a teen driver and you have added him or her to your car insurance plan, you know the cost of insuring them can be very high. Keeping that in mind, it may be valuable to consider any type of discount available. READ MORE >>

You use your kitchen appliances every day. Most of the time, you do not think twice about them. However, these are powerful machines that have motors and electrical cords. That means they also can pose a fire hazard to you. If you have not taken the time to check out your kitchen appliances, now is the time to do so. READ MORE >>

Open your garage and look around. There may be tools here and there and perhaps the kids' bikes are lying around. But is anything in your garage putting you and your family at risk? If you have not taken the time to safeguard your garage from risks, you could face significant problems should an incident occur. READ MORE >>

You've worked hard to build your business. Now that you are doing well, you need to ensure your business is safe from various risks. For construction companies, these risks can be expansive. The right construction insurance can reduce these risks and give you peace of mind with each project you complete. READ MORE >>

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