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Restaurants face a lot of risks when it comes to liability. Serving food and alcohol presents danger in many ways, from food poisoning to drunk drivers causing an accident. That’s why it’s so important for restaurants to have the right insurance. But do bartenders also need insurance? READ MORE >>

Should any of the items in your restaurant sustain damage, that might mean a loss to the business. However, which of your restaurant insurance policies applies to the damage might vary. Sometimes, you’ll file against your equipment breakdown coverage. In other cases, you’ll use your possessions or contents coverage. READ MORE >>

One of the most important assets in your restaurant is your food. You have to serve it to keep the business open. You have to serve it safely to keep customers happy. So, if the food goes bad, what can you do to protect yourself and others? There is insurance available, called food spoilage coverage. READ MORE >>

While your restaurant might have general liability insurance, it won’t cover everything. That’s particularly true when it comes to liquor liabilities. Even so, clients that consume your alcohol pose a risk to themselves, others and the business. You will therefore benefit from enrolling in liquor liability insurance. READ MORE >>

Restaurants usually limit access to the back of the house. The kitchen, freezers and storage rooms likely contain a lot of potentially-harmful hazards. Only authorized staff should enter these areas. However, they will face risks of harm, too, even in seemingly-normal situations. What are some of these? READ MORE >>

Most dining establishments serve alcoholic beverages in some shape or form. Some might only offer wine and beer. However, others offer specialty cocktails and unique services which involve high-grade, expensive liquors. Still, regardless of the monetary value of your liquor itself, you have to protect it. READ MORE >>

You never want to face a liability lawsuit because someone got hurt when visiting your restaurant. You might think you face the largest liability threat from problems with your food. However, don’t forget that other problems could beckon. Among the most prevalent is likely the risk of a slip and fall by a patron. READ MORE >>

Getting hurt on the job is something no one wants to face. And if that injury is a burn, then the pain, suffering and recovery costs might prove devastating. So, if you get burned at work, will your company's workers’ compensation cover you? On-the-job burns can happen to anyone, even those who least expect it. READ MORE >>

You might not think of your restaurant as a target for thieves, as opposed to places like banks or stores. Think again. The convenience of restaurants often puts them at risk. How can you recover from such accidents? Will your insurance provide assistance? More importantly, how can you avoid theft in the first place? READ MORE >>

The meat in your restaurant is a costly and sensitive commodity. If you don’t handle it correctly, you might not be able to serve it, and thus cost the business money. If you serve bad meat, you run the risk of harming customers, and that’s a liability risk itself. READ MORE >>

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