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Most people think restaurant fires originate in the kitchen, such as from a broken gas line or a left-on oven. This is often the case, but kitchen fires also can start from multiple other sources throughout the business. Therefore, it is the duty of the restaurant owner to make sure fire risks remain under control throughout the establishment. READ MORE >>

It is clear that most restaurants rely on their food to maintain a profitable business. So, if something goes wrong with the food, the business might suffer. Damaged food may also lead to damaged customers. Poor food services could spread illness or injury to a restaurant’s customers. READ MORE >>

Restaurants rely on employees to serve food to the satisfaction of customers. Servers, cooks and cleanup are integral parts of the business. However, they often pose liability risks to the operation. Let’s say that an employee spills hot coffee on a patron, sending the person to the hospital with severe burns. READ MORE >>

Whenever someone prepares food, they interact with heat, flames and various fuels. Therefore, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And fire could lead to burn risks. Both food service employees and their patrons face burn risks whenever they enter a restaurant. READ MORE >>

As you plan to open a restaurant, your likely goal is to run a popular, profitable enterprise. Profitability means serving a great meal to loyal customers. However, this also means preventing damages or safety risks that might cause financial harm to your restaurant. READ MORE >>

If your restaurant fails to provide safe food for its customers, you pose a risk to both yourself and to the diners. Unsafe food can injure, sicken or even kill certain diners. Therefore, restaurants have to protect their products at all times. Most restaurant liability policies cover damages from food-borne illness or contamination that harms clients. READ MORE >>

When customers dine in your restaurant, you want them to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Therefore, you should always keep your restaurant in top working order. Because a restaurant is a public space, there is always a chance that it could sustain property damage over time. READ MORE >>

Water damage is often one of the most potent instances of property loss that any business owner can face. If your restaurant sustains water damages, you could lose time and money because you have to make repairs. There are many different instances where water damages could affect a restaurant. READ MORE >>

The restaurant industry is very competitive. Even the smallest mishaps could financially run a restaurant. That’s why so many restaurants need comprehensive business insurance coverage. You likely know why you need business for your restaurant. There is a risk of damages from fires, spills or other mishaps. READ MORE >>

Your restaurant is nothing without your kitchen. Within the kitchen, your staff tracks, prepares and ships out orders to customers. The kitchen is the moneymaker. It’s what keeps people coming back. As a hub of activity, your kitchen needs to operate smoothly. Its operations affect the function of the entire restaurant. READ MORE >>

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