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In a restaurant, fires are a large risk. Fires, especially grease fires can be costly and dangerous. In 2002 there were more than 7,000 fires resulting in structural damage to restaurants. This amounted to more than $116 million worth of damages.  Of these fires, about 65 percent of them came from cooking accidents. READ MORE >>

A restaurant is nothing without a good chef. They serve up the best dishes, the work hard to correct bad orders. At the end of the day, your chef goes a long way to keep the customer happy. However, your chef faces many risks when he or she runs the kitchen. READ MORE >>

Restaurant insurance can help you to protect your business from breakdowns, business interruptions, and many other risks. Restaurants are some of the highest risk establishments today in terms of business insurance. There is always a risk of fire and a worry someone will all. READ MORE >>

When choosing a restaurant insurance plan, there are many factors to keep in mind. Like all business insurance, you need to customize your plan to meet the risks that you are most likely to struggle with as you operate your company. Often, the most expensive component of the business has to do with the food inventory you keep. READ MORE >>

One of the steps in purchasing restaurant insurance is estimating the worth of your property. Don’t make the mistake of believing the value of your business has anything to do with its resale value. In fact, your business insurance should represent all of your assets’ worth to ensure ... READ MORE >>

Operating your restaurant requires a great deal of attention to the details. You need to consider the quality of every plate that goes out to your guests. And you need to ensure the location is clear, modern and featuring smiling servers. You have a lot to do. READ MORE >>

When it comes to operating a restaurant, making the most of what you have matters. Profit margins within the restaurant industry are notoriously small because the industry is highly competitive. One way you can maximize your profits is by limiting the amount of food you have to toss each day. READ MORE >>

Running a restaurant can be a fantastic career for those creative individuals with inspired culinary imaginations. But it’s not just about serving up trendy dishes that bring in the crowds. A big slice of the restaurant business involves providing a safe environment for employees and customers, which also relates to preparing and handling food safely. READ MORE >>

Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices have made it easier for people to work wherever they are, whether snowed in at home or on a business trip. But with the growing popularity of mobile technology comes the need to ensure the security of your business’ data. READ MORE >>

As a restaurant owner, you have been proactive in insuring the business’ property and your employees. But have you insured your business against your customers? Notice, we didn't say "insured your customers," but "insured against your customers." Why would you do this and how does insurance and customers relate? READ MORE >>

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