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As you plan to open a restaurant, your likely goal is to run a popular, profitable enterprise. Profitability means serving a great meal to loyal customers. However, this also means preventing damages or safety risks that might cause financial harm to your restaurant. READ MORE >>

If your restaurant fails to provide safe food for its customers, you pose a risk to both yourself and to the diners. Unsafe food can injure, sicken or even kill certain diners. Therefore, restaurants have to protect their products at all times. Most restaurant liability policies cover damages from food-borne illness or contamination that harms clients. READ MORE >>

When customers dine in your restaurant, you want them to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Therefore, you should always keep your restaurant in top working order. Because a restaurant is a public space, there is always a chance that it could sustain property damage over time. READ MORE >>

Periodically, companies should take a close look at their existing business insurance. Checking your policy helps ensure it still represents your company's needs. As a landscaper, things may not be the same as it was when you first selected your business policy. That means your business could face exposure to a wide range of threats. READ MORE >>

On the surface, you may see workers’ compensation as a way to give employees care when they experience work-related injuries. You may also see workers’ comp as a way to follow the multitude of laws that regulate your operations. However, workers’ comp is much more than simply something you have to have for your business. READ MORE >>

Did you know that 80% of all small businesses fail within the first 18 months? In most cases, business owners cite a lack of revenue as the reason for the failure. Some businesses just weren't able to turn a profit. However, even with revenue, a disaster can cripple your business financially. READ MORE >>

Buying life insurance can be complex because a variety of options exist. When you work with your life insurance agent, he or she can make recommendations that fit your needs. He or she might recommend universal life insurance. Universal life insurance is a common product. It may work well for many people. READ MORE >>

More than ever before, businesses need cyber security. Cyberattacks are more frequent than in the past. Hackers are attacking individuals, businesses, and government entities. It seems no one is untouchable when it comes to hacking. You always face a chance of a cyberattack. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, protecting your business from the unknown is a daily endeavor. It’s necessary to ensure your business continues to operate. If a customer buys your products, there is always a risk that something could go wrong. When selling your items, you have to protect your business from product liability lawsuits. READ MORE >>

Businesses are outsourcing a host of internal processes to capitalize on competitive advantages.  In many instances, outsourcing simply makes good business sense. The cost of outsourcing can reduce costs in other areas. But, if you are considering outsourcing, the decision should be more than a matter of money. READ MORE >>

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