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When insuring your business, you need to be able to respond in case you make mistakes that harm other people, like your clients, visitors or other third parties. To achieve that level of protection, you will at least need general liability insurance, in addition to various other liability policies. READ MORE >>

All businesses need to carry commercial insurance. Coverage can help you clean up following accidents on the property. Still, how do you know you have the appropriate protection? At times, certain accidents might bring ramifications for which you don't have coverage. READ MORE >>

Has your insurance agent told you of the need to purchase commercial umbrella insurance? If so, you may be wondering why. It might not seem like an additional coverage you need. But in today's environment, chances are higher coverage limits and more expansive coverages will come in handy for your business. READ MORE >>

Business insurance is there to help you when a claim is made against your company. However, your policy is only as good as its details. If you have not put a lot of time into creating a policy that limits your risks, including under commercial umbrella insurance, you may struggle later if you need to make a claim. READ MORE >>

From your auto insurance to your home insurance, each policy protects your nest egg. If you are in a car accident or your home is damaged by a fire, it's likely that you can count on your insurance policies to help you recover. But what happens when you don't have enough coverage? Understanding Insurance Limits READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you may not be well-versed in insurance topics. Additionally, your business operations may keep you too busy, preventing you from analyzing the legal ramifications of liabilities within your industry. The truth is, many businesses are being sued on a regular basis nowadays. READ MORE >>

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