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If you own or manage a business, it is important to insure all automobiles used for business purposes. Do not assume the driver's personal insurance will provide coverage in an accident. A separate insurance policy should be available for every vehicle used for business. READ MORE >>

As you plan to open a restaurant, your likely goal is to run a popular, profitable enterprise. Profitability means serving a great meal to loyal customers. However, this also means preventing damages or safety risks that might cause financial harm to your restaurant. READ MORE >>

Business owners must always think about the future of their organization. They must not only think, but plan for what the future holds including risks. However, some risks become harder to tackle. For example, your business may be subject to an economic decline or you may find your services becoming obsolete. READ MORE >>

Construction jobs are some of the most intensive and most liability-heavy positions. There are many risks involved for both contractors and subcontractors. There are the risks related to employees getting injured. There are other risks such as faulty builds and planning. READ MORE >>

Manufacturers have production as their middle names. The goal of manufacturers is to create a product, using raw materials, that meets certain societal needs. However, not every product will be perfect. In some cases, these products could even potentially harm a consumer. READ MORE >>

If your restaurant fails to provide safe food for its customers, you pose a risk to both yourself and to the diners. Unsafe food can injure, sicken or even kill certain diners. Therefore, restaurants have to protect their products at all times. Most restaurant liability policies cover damages from food-borne illness or contamination that harms clients. READ MORE >>

When customers dine in your restaurant, you want them to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Therefore, you should always keep your restaurant in top working order. Because a restaurant is a public space, there is always a chance that it could sustain property damage over time. READ MORE >>

Depending on the scope of your business, it may be time to take a closer look at your business insurance. Many companies believe they have ample insurance in place to protect against threats. Yet, they lack comprehensive insurance products to minimize risks. READ MORE >>

Periodically, companies should take a close look at their existing business insurance. Checking your policy helps ensure it still represents your company's needs. As a landscaper, things may not be the same as it was when you first selected your business policy. That means your business could face exposure to a wide range of threats. READ MORE >>

Whenever you undertake a contract, you have a commitment to your client. A contract in most cases is legally binding. That means that a client can often sue you if you fail to complete the work that you promise in the contract. Failing to complete a contract often means a client loses money. READ MORE >>

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