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If you’re a manufacturer, you want your products to come out without a hitch. This ensures that customers get exactly what they asked for, a functioning item. If your products malfunctions, it could cause significant cost losses, bodily injury or other damages to your clients. READ MORE >>

The construction industry has a higher level of risk for workers injuries than other organizations. The United State Department of Labor's OSHA office provides some clarity on these risks. In 2015, 21.4 percent of worker fatalities occurred within the construction industry. Most of these injuries come from falls. READ MORE >>

What type of business insurance does an event planner need? The job of an event planner is to plan and execute various social events. This includes weddings, birthday parties, corporate dinners and much more. There are various risks present in this type of business. READ MORE >>

Most people think restaurant fires originate in the kitchen, such as from a broken gas line or a left-on oven. This is often the case, but kitchen fires also can start from multiple other sources throughout the business. Therefore, it is the duty of the restaurant owner to make sure fire risks remain under control throughout the establishment. READ MORE >>

Whenever you enter a contract as the contractor, the contract owner expects you to complete a task on their behalf. If you cannot complete your work, this means that you may cause financial loss to the contract owner. The contract’s owner may require you to repay debts for unfinished work. READ MORE >>

It is clear that most restaurants rely on their food to maintain a profitable business. So, if something goes wrong with the food, the business might suffer. Damaged food may also lead to damaged customers. Poor food services could spread illness or injury to a restaurant’s customers. READ MORE >>

Inland Marine insurance began in the 1700s. Back then, the insurance was for ocean voyages carrying cargo. Now, Inland Marine insurance has morphed into a common rider to business insurance. What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover? Today, Inland Marine insurance protects businesses from many of the risks related to moving assets around the United States. READ MORE >>

A certificate of insurance matters a great deal in the business insurance industry. Sometimes referred to as proof of business insurance, this certificate is a snapshot of a company's current insurance policies. Customers, vendors and landlords commonly request to see a business' certificate of insurance. READ MORE >>

Restaurants rely on employees to serve food to the satisfaction of customers. Servers, cooks and cleanup are integral parts of the business. However, they often pose liability risks to the operation. Let’s say that an employee spills hot coffee on a patron, sending the person to the hospital with severe burns. READ MORE >>

With enough legwork, you can build a successful small business. But, success requires a lot of planning. Before establishing an insurance plan, you should be aware of the pitfalls. Consider the five biggest mistakes Illinois and Indiana small business owners make. We can help you avoid them before they’re too much to handle. READ MORE >>

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