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Social media is now one of the most commonly used forms of marketing and advertising. It provides an opportunity for businesses to connect directly with customers. It also ensures that a wide variety of content is available to their customers. Yet, as a business, you still need to recognize that the content you use remains your responsibility. READ MORE >>

It’s easy to understand why the food is a restaurant’s most important asset. So, the restaurant owner has to protect the food to ensure successful operations. Should something happen to a restaurant’s stock, the results could be bad. READ MORE >>

The year is wrapping up for many business owners. With that comes a look back. Before the end of the year actually occurs, take a closer look at what investments you made. What changes did you make to the way you operate? Did you buy any new assets? READ MORE >>

Business insurance provides financial protection to help a company cover claims of negligence. It is not uncommon for a business to make a mistake. Having proper coverage minimizes the financial loss your company might suffer. It is an important investment. Every business needs to take care when marketing its services. READ MORE >>

A Business Owner Policy, or BOP, provides financial coverage for many businesses. This is a simple, streamlined form of business insurance. It usually gives companies the ability to keep costs low. However, it often provides for most needs. Before renewing this policy, take a closer look at it. READ MORE >>

It takes a lot of finely tuned cogs to run a restaurant. Should one of those cogs break, the business could face problems. Think of the machinery you use in your restaurants every day. Stoves, refrigerators, ovens, grills, the list goes on. And this doesn’t include common building utilities like the HVAC and water systems. READ MORE >>

In August, we told you about ways your insurance can help you in case of a burn accident in your restaurant. The burn risks associated with this industry are high, given the nature of food service. A burn to a diner, employee or other party puts your business in the path of a major liability risk. READ MORE >>

A tired worker is a liability risk for a business. This individual may make mistakes on the job. He or she may suffer an injury or cause another person to suffer one. If behind the wheel of a vehicle, this can be very dangerous. When liability risks exist in a place of business employers, need to take steps to reduce them. READ MORE >>

If you are like other manufacturers, your company values employee safety. You follow OSHA regulations and best practices for safety in your industry. Actually, your manufacturing company goes further than the legal requirements for employee safety.  You and your safety team look for potential problems so that accidents cannot happen. READ MORE >>

If you’re a manufacturer, you want your products to come out without a hitch. This ensures that customers get exactly what they asked for, a functioning item. If your products malfunctions, it could cause significant cost losses, bodily injury or other damages to your clients. READ MORE >>

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