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It’s not easy running a restaurant. You have to see to client satisfaction. You must meet health and sanitation safety codes. You have to protect employees, maintain your property and keep your kitchen in order. This is not the sort of business for the faint-hearted. READ MORE >>

There’s a reason businesses are investing big bucks into liability insurance. They’re protecting them from catastrophe.  Every business comes with risk. This said, most businesses face the many of the same pitfall possibilities. If you’re planning your coverage, double down on liability insurance. READ MORE >>

A big part of protecting your business is having the right business insurance. Many small to medium-sized businesses enjoy a business owner protection plan, or BOP.  You should talk to your agent about the type of business you run. Discuss all the assets that make your business possible. READ MORE >>

Many business owners drive to and from work using their personal vehicles. They may go to meetings across town. They may even go from one client location to the next. In such cases, personal auto insurance may or may not cover the individual and the vehicle.  READ MORE >>

Most people like to have a drink when out to dinner now and then. However, the vast majority of us know the risks associated with alcohol consumption. The problem is, when someone drinks, their ability to make responsible choices lessens. For restaurant owners this might  spell a problem. READ MORE >>

Do you really need commercial auto insurance? Well, chances are, you do. Picking a commercial auto policy can be confusing, but it’s necessary. Before picking the best policy for your business, check out our rundown of a policy’s benefits below.  Why Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance? READ MORE >>

As a business owner, protecting your investment is your responsibility. A lot of small business owners worry about theft, fire risks and property damage.  While these may be common claims, business owners should also worry more about product liability, customer injury and reputational damage. READ MORE >>

One important item in building and running a business is business insurance. The type of insurance you buy and the issues it covers run the gamut of issues. Coverage might protect minor slip and fall accidents to answering a libel charge for a derogatory statement your company published. READ MORE >>

Running a restaurant requires a lot of hard work. To keep the doors open, you have to serve up a top-rate product. But, food service is an extremely risky business. You also have follow multiple health, sanitation and safety practices.  To keep your food safe, you must store and prepare it properly. READ MORE >>

General liability insurance provides a business with financial protection from customer injury claims. If you own a restaurant, this is an important type of business insurance to have.  Even in the best situations, mistakes can occur, and people can become ill from your food. READ MORE >>

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