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Running a store requires a lot of management. You have to make sales, re-stock and keep on top of industry trends. However, you also must keep customers coming in to shop. That means creating a safe environment for them to patronize. Multiple injury and safety risks exist in retail outlets. READ MORE >>

Most dining establishments serve alcoholic beverages in some shape or form. Some might only offer wine and beer. However, others offer specialty cocktails and unique services which involve high-grade, expensive liquors. Still, regardless of the monetary value of your liquor itself, you have to protect it. READ MORE >>

This winter might bring snow and ice storms to our area. When spring arrives, threats like severe thunderstorms, hail and even tornadoes might beckon. Seasonal threats create a significant risk of property damage. If this happens to your business, the repair costs might mount. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you endeavor to serve your customers professionally. Still, you can’t forego the risk of an accident impacting one of them during the course of business. And when harm occurs to customers, it often comes back to bite the business. What can you do to protect yourself when accidents happen? READ MORE >>

Let’s say you come into work to find that hackers have struck your computers. They have stolen customer credit card data. This is a major exposure of private information, and your company must respond. Yet, when you turn to your liability insurance, you find that you don’t have coverage. READ MORE >>

You never want to face a liability lawsuit because someone got hurt when visiting your restaurant. You might think you face the largest liability threat from problems with your food. However, don’t forget that other problems could beckon. Among the most prevalent is likely the risk of a slip and fall by a patron. READ MORE >>

Getting hurt on the job is something no one wants to face. And if that injury is a burn, then the pain, suffering and recovery costs might prove devastating. So, if you get burned at work, will your company's workers’ compensation cover you? On-the-job burns can happen to anyone, even those who least expect it. READ MORE >>

You buy commercial auto insurance to protect your business’s investment in a vehicle. Rather than letting your profits pay for losses, let your policy pay instead. Having coverage is a great way to minimize how much you pay for vehicle damage. Still, you might still face residual costs. READ MORE >>

You might not think of your restaurant as a target for thieves, as opposed to places like banks or stores. Think again. The convenience of restaurants often puts them at risk. How can you recover from such accidents? Will your insurance provide assistance? More importantly, how can you avoid theft in the first place? READ MORE >>

If you are a photographer, you’ll work closely with customers to create the pictures they want. Sometimes, you’ll take portraits. In other cases, you’ll photograph inanimate objects. Your clients will expect you to do your job correctly. READ MORE >>

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