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If you are a photographer, you’ll work closely with customers to create the pictures they want. Sometimes, you’ll take portraits. In other cases, you’ll photograph inanimate objects. Your clients will expect you to do your job correctly. READ MORE >>

If your business gets damaged, you’ll want to repair it. If you have a business owners policy, namely property insurance, you’ll probably have help. However, just because you have coverage, don’t expect your plan to pay 100 percent of the bill. You’ll probably have to pay a deductible before your plan kicks in. READ MORE >>

You expect commercial insurance to help pay for repairs related to business damage. The problem is, though, that many repairs take time. That’s a financial risk as well. What can you do during times of repairs or closure to keep the business on solid ground? READ MORE >>

The meat in your restaurant is a costly and sensitive commodity. If you don’t handle it correctly, you might not be able to serve it, and thus cost the business money. If you serve bad meat, you run the risk of harming customers, and that’s a liability risk itself. READ MORE >>

Going to work involves more than sitting at your desk. Other than moving around for business, you might need to visit the bathroom or break room, as anyone does. Though you might not work during these personal times, you are still at work. Often, therefore workers’ compensation might cover you. READ MORE >>

Almost every business uses computers to run operations. Still, whenever you do, you create a risk of harm. Such harm might include data loss, privacy breaches and an interruption to operations. Each of these might impact your ability to continue to work and make money. READ MORE >>

Every business has liability risks. These generally include slip and fall risks. If someone falls in your space, they might hold you responsible for the damage. Liability insurance claims might result. Depending on your business, certain fall risks might prove more prevalent. Restaurants are one of these operations. READ MORE >>

Businesses buy insurance, in essence, to protect themselves. However, one element of coverage is a bit more complicated. Liability insurance is, in many cases, money the business will never get its own hands on. Instead, that goes to other people. So, why do you need this coverage? READ MORE >>

All businesses need to carry commercial insurance. Coverage can help you clean up following accidents on the property. Still, how do you know you have the appropriate protection? At times, certain accidents might bring ramifications for which you don't have coverage. READ MORE >>

Businesses that own or use vehicles need commercial auto insurance. How much they need depends on multiple factors. Every business, every vehicle and every driver are unique. You’ll need to tailor your coverage very specifically. What are some of the things you must consider to complete that task? READ MORE >>

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