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Are tires really the most important safety feature on a car? Yes! Tires might even be more important than air bags. Why? Because tires prevent accidents while air bags protect you during an accident. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us that several preventable factors can and do lead to car crashes, which lead to insurance claims. READ MORE >>

It takes a huge financial investment to keep your construction company up and running. You need a business office and expensive equipment to get the job done. You must transport your crew and equipment to whatever city or state your customer chooses to build. READ MORE >>

When the power goes out in the winter, homeowners become concerned about their house getting too cold. The health of family members is an issue. In addition, pipes could freeze and burst, causing significant damage to the home. Many families rely on generators to keep their home warm when the power fails. READ MORE >>

Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices have made it easier for people to work wherever they are, whether snowed in at home or on a business trip. But with the growing popularity of mobile technology comes the need to ensure the security of your business’ data. READ MORE >>

As winter approaches, it is necessary to properly prepare your house. Since some pre-winter tasks include scheduling expert maintenance, it is best to do these items well in advance of the temperature dropping. If an issue is identified, you will want to have enough time to have it fixed.   READ MORE >>

You may think of police officers and construction workers when it comes to dangerous jobs, but truckers face their fair share of risk as well. Spending so many hours on the road leads to hundreds of deaths each year, along with thousands more injuries. READ MORE >>

As a restaurant owner, you have been proactive in insuring the business’ property and your employees. But have you insured your business against your customers? Notice, we didn't say "insured your customers," but "insured against your customers." Why would you do this and how does insurance and customers relate? READ MORE >>

For anyone familiar with Lifetime's Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller is probably a household name. In the past, her fame was at least partially due to her teaching tactics, but now there is a new reason for her notoriety. Abby Lee Miller is being sued by one of her students. READ MORE >>

Do you run a small business that employs fewer than 100 employees? You may be eligible for a business owner’s policy, or BOP. What does that mean? Every responsible business owner understands the important role business insurance plays in protecting company assets and liability risks. READ MORE >>

Deer are found all over the US and present a serious road hazard. In Pennsylvania alone, 115,000 collisions are estimated to have occurred in 2013 resulting in $400 million in damage. Deer collisions used to be a hazard confined mostly to rural areas. However, the danger has spread to suburbia and even cities because of rising deer population levels. READ MORE >>

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