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People often wonder what influences their car insurance rates. How come they have rates that are significantly different from a neighbor, friend or relative? Here are some key factors that influence car insurance rates. Make and Model of Your Car READ MORE >>

You have saved and finally the new pool is finished in your backyard. It took an extra year because you wanted it deep enough for a low diving board for the kids, and you wanted it big enough for friends and family to enjoy. But, that last truck just drove away and your pool has clean water in it and it is ready to enjoy. READ MORE >>

As a small business owner, you may already be familiar with a business owner’s policy, commonly known as a BOP. If you’re not, it’s essentially a bundle of the most common business insurance coverages conveniently packaged into one policy with one premium to pay. READ MORE >>

Millions of Americans run small businesses in the comfort of their own homes. However, business needs are different than personal needs, especially when it comes to digital security. While losing precious family photos to a computer virus is devastating, losing customers’ personal information to a hacker creates a big liability risk that can cost your business big bucks. READ MORE >>

Have you had home renovation on your mind lately? While it sounds nice to make some aesthetic improvements (that may also increase the resale value of the house), you must also think about how renovating affects your homeowners insurance premiums before signing any paperwork with a contractor. READ MORE >>

While all businesses can benefit from basic business insurance policies, manufacturers (printers, food refineries, meat packing plants, electronics manufacturers, publishers and more) often face more specific risks. To prevent financial loss, there’s a wide array of specialized coverages that manufacturers may wish to consider. READ MORE >>

Being that restaurants serve food (and often alcohol) in an environment that must be clean and safe for patrons, they have more unique coverage needs than your standard office-type workplace. Some of the most basic coverages are required of all workplaces, such as: READ MORE >>

In today’s litigious society, it’s not uncommon for employees to file discrimination lawsuits against your business. Perhaps an employee felt as though she didn’t get that big promotion because she was pregnant while the decision was made, or perhaps an employee felt like he was being excluded from projects because of his ethnicity. READ MORE >>

For a lot of motorists, the head-on collision and getting hit on the side by a high-speed vehicle are the scariest of car crashes. Few people pay much thought to single car accidents, yet they're among the most common and deadliest of crashes. When a car collides with another, much of the energy gets absorbed by the crumple zones of both cars. READ MORE >>

Generating energy and providing utilities to businesses and homes is an expensive operation that cannot continue without prompt payment from customers. One way to ensure that utility companies receive the funds they need in order to continue operating is to require certain customers, mostly businesses, to obtain a utility bond, which is a type of commercial surety bond. READ MORE >>

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