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One of the steps in purchasing restaurant insurance is estimating the worth of your property. Don’t make the mistake of believing the value of your business has anything to do with its resale value. In fact, your business insurance should represent all of your assets’ worth to ensure ... READ MORE >>

Just like every car needs to be insured, so does every motorcycle. So when it comes time to buy a new (or used) bike, you’ll have to consider the cost of coverage on top of the monthly motorcycle payment. But how much will this cost you? Many factors go into the calculation of a motorcycle insurance policy, including: READ MORE >>

Whether you own a retail or a service business, there is the threat of theft in many companies. That threat comes from multiple sources — including your management team, your staff, your customers or even random individuals. The key to reducing your risk for theft-related losses is to be vigilant and to take actions to prevent theft from occurring. READ MORE >>

You use your kitchen appliances every day. Most of the time, you do not think twice about them. However, these are powerful machines that have motors and electrical cords. That means they also can pose a fire hazard to you. If you have not taken the time to check out your kitchen appliances, now is the time to do so. READ MORE >>

What car safety feature is most valuable to you? These can vary from one vehicle to the next. If you are buying a used car, it is important that you spend some extra time looking at safety features and determining which ones are most valuable to you. READ MORE >>

When it comes to operating a restaurant, making the most of what you have matters. Profit margins within the restaurant industry are notoriously small because the industry is highly competitive. One way you can maximize your profits is by limiting the amount of food you have to toss each day. READ MORE >>

Any business with a trucking or delivery component needs high quality and affordable trucking insurance. This type of business insurance can be one of the most important investments you make. If something were to cause a breakdown of your vehicle, would you be able to keep your business operational? READ MORE >>

Business interruption insurance is an important type of policy to have in the event that your company cannot operate due to a covered incident. It may or may not be a part of your current business insurance plan, but it is nearly always beneficial when a significant event occurs leaving you unable to operate your company. READ MORE >>

You've finally done it. You've opened your first shop. You are all about managing your company and getting customers into the door. Yet, as you swing your door open for the first time, realize that there are plenty of potential risks your business faces on a daily basis. READ MORE >>

The golf course looks like nothing more than a place to relax and have some fun. And it is, for those who use the facilities. But for those who own and operate a golf course, no matter the size, risks are present. The right type of hospitality insurance can help a golf course owner protect his or her investment and help keep the club open even when a risky situation takes place. READ MORE >>

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