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You probably already know that you need auto insurance in order to stay street legal, but how much do you know about the types of auto insurance that are available? It’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all policy, and there are numerous coverage options and limits to choose from when building a policy that suits your needs. READ MORE >>

Every business — big and small — can benefit from the protection of a comprehensive business insurance policy. But while large companies have plentiful resources, a small business may not have much time or money to contribute to coverage. Luckily, your independent insurance agent can help you obtain the right protection within your budget. READ MORE >>

The manufacturing industry is an incredibly exciting and lucrative sector in which to own a business. With so many different types of products needed throughout the world, there's a good chance your company fits into its own specific niche with great success. READ MORE >>

When you think of flooding, you probably think about makeshift rivers coursing through neighborhoods and water seeping into homes. But another, sometimes overlooked, concern is the cars that are affected by floodwaters. Standing water can have seriously damaging effects on vehicles, sometimes even totaling them completely. READ MORE >>

Millions of people work within the construction industry in the United States. From general laborers to general contractors, the construction industry is where many people get their start in the workplace. There are a lot of moving parts on a construction site, which can make it difficult for employees to always be aware of what’s going on around them. READ MORE >>

If you own a large dog, you know that most of them are big softies with hearts of gold. But even though your beloved family pet is nothing but loyal, the transgressions of a small percentage of certain breeds casts a shadow across large dogs everywhere. You may have seen a tiny Chihuahua lash out aggressively towards a stranger. READ MORE >>

Some people believe that directors & officers insurance, often called D&O insurance, is only for large companies that are publicly traded on a big exchange. That may be because this type of coverage isn't understood by many. D&O insurance is a kind of business insurance that protects individual executives, directors or managers from liability claims. READ MORE >>

Your business likely depends on technology for gaining new customers ;and various other tasks. However, it doesn't come without drawbacks. Recent events have caused people to be more aware of what people are able to do with data that's floating around in cyberspace. How can you protect your business from cybercrime? READ MORE >>

Whether you're driving to work or off on a family vacation, large 18-wheeler trucks are all over the highways. While most drivers are used to dealing with them, it's good to review a few tips to keep you safe around these large trucks. Because of their size and weight, an incident with them almost always results in severe consequences. READ MORE >>

Swimming is a favorite summer pastime. If you own a pool, you are probably looking forward to the warm, sunny weather so you can enjoy swimming with your family. However, it's important to keep safety in mind if you own a pool. Many injuries occur each year in backyard swimming pools. READ MORE >>

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