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Your business's general liability insurance applies to a variety of harm that your mistakes might cause to other parties. When you examine this policy, you might see that it can insure bodily injuries, and many times, personal injuries. These are not the same types of insurance. READ MORE >>

You don't want hackers or criminals to steal important data on your company's computers. If this occurs, it poses threats not only to the business, but also to your customers. These accidents might put clients at risk of identity theft. You might wonder why this is the case? READ MORE >>

As a consultant, you might think of yourself as an independent businessperson. You might not hire employees or maintain a large corporate operation. It might seem to you that you have very low liability risks. However, don't be so sure of yourself. You might have a small business, but you still might have significant liabilities. READ MORE >>

The bathroom in your store is likely one of the most-dangerous places for clients. One of its most-present risks is the chance of slip-and-fall accidents. If one occurs, then your business might bear responsibility for a client's losses. These losses, in turn, might become very costly. READ MORE >>

While your restaurant might have general liability insurance, it won’t cover everything. That’s particularly true when it comes to liquor liabilities. Even so, clients that consume your alcohol pose a risk to themselves, others and the business. You will therefore benefit from enrolling in liquor liability insurance. READ MORE >>

This year is barely two months old. There’s still plenty to do, and a lot of opportunities within your business. Now is also a prime time to take a few extra safety steps to keep things secure. One of the tasks on your list should be a full review of your cyber security policies. READ MORE >>

Running a store requires a lot of management. You have to make sales, re-stock and keep on top of industry trends. However, you also must keep customers coming in to shop. That means creating a safe environment for them to patronize. Multiple injury and safety risks exist in retail outlets. READ MORE >>

Most dining establishments serve alcoholic beverages in some shape or form. Some might only offer wine and beer. However, others offer specialty cocktails and unique services which involve high-grade, expensive liquors. Still, regardless of the monetary value of your liquor itself, you have to protect it. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you endeavor to serve your customers professionally. Still, you can’t forego the risk of an accident impacting one of them during the course of business. And when harm occurs to customers, it often comes back to bite the business. What can you do to protect yourself when accidents happen? READ MORE >>

Let’s say you come into work to find that hackers have struck your computers. They have stolen customer credit card data. This is a major exposure of private information, and your company must respond. Yet, when you turn to your liability insurance, you find that you don’t have coverage. READ MORE >>

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