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You never want to face a liability lawsuit because someone got hurt when visiting your restaurant. You might think you face the largest liability threat from problems with your food. However, don’t forget that other problems could beckon. Among the most prevalent is likely the risk of a slip and fall by a patron. READ MORE >>

If you are a photographer, you’ll work closely with customers to create the pictures they want. Sometimes, you’ll take portraits. In other cases, you’ll photograph inanimate objects. Your clients will expect you to do your job correctly. READ MORE >>

Almost every business uses computers to run operations. Still, whenever you do, you create a risk of harm. Such harm might include data loss, privacy breaches and an interruption to operations. Each of these might impact your ability to continue to work and make money. READ MORE >>

Businesses buy insurance, in essence, to protect themselves. However, one element of coverage is a bit more complicated. Liability insurance is, in many cases, money the business will never get its own hands on. Instead, that goes to other people. So, why do you need this coverage? READ MORE >>

Almost every business uses a computer network. Even if you simply use it for taking notes in your workshop, it’s going to contain important information. Indeed, most commercial computer networks contain more than company information. They also contain data, often personal, that pertains to your clients. READ MORE >>

IT professionals provide insight and advice to others. They work with individuals and commercial enterprises. Their expertise is essential. Most companies rely on it. For this reason, it is important to improve the amount of general liability insurance you carry. READ MORE >>

It is an exciting time to be a business owner. As a contractor, you may notice your business growing. You have new clients and projects. Yet, all of this good comes with increased risks.  As a company, it is important to reflect on the amount of commercial coverage you have. Do you have enough? READ MORE >>

Businesses need to protect themselves with insurance. Among your coverage should be general liability insurance.  Liability coverage comes in many shapes and sizes. You should work with your agent to set up a policy that targets your budget, specifically. Still, even so, the policy will still come with various costs. READ MORE >>

While a BOP can protect your business for years, you’ll likely outgrow it at some point. It’s okay. Businesses expand. Partnerships boost insurance needs. Whether you’re buying a new plan or are thinking about the future, consider your BOP’s life expectancy. READ MORE >>

There’s a reason businesses are investing big bucks into liability insurance. They’re protecting them from catastrophe.  Every business comes with risk. This said, most businesses face the many of the same pitfall possibilities. If you’re planning your coverage, double down on liability insurance. READ MORE >>

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